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We offer a wide range of workshops to help companies and organizations increase their profitability and have fun while improving teamwork. We help you implement systems, processes, and tools so you can accomplish more in less time while increasing the company’s profit margins and employees’ income level.

By helping participants achieve their dreams and goalsX in every area of life, employers invest in their most powerful resource–people! By helping participants accomplish more in less time, they will achieve better balance in every area of their lives. This will create higher profitability, improve efficiency and effectiveness, strengthen work ethic, improve values, and increase morale and loyalty.

We will also work with you to develop a custom program to meet your unique needs. Workshops often can be combined to create a succinct training and assistance program which focuses on learning and application.

Our workshops and training are uniquely designed because we understand that the most important part of the seminar is the application of what has been taught–the “follow-through.” Following our workshops, we encourage the management team to work with Synergy to maximize the follow-through efforts of workshop attendees. We recommend fewer workshops during the year than many consulting firms and encourage more follow-through on what is learned in the workshops. A company will increase results if they cut the number of workshops in half and double their effort to follow through with principles their employees learn. We offer a recommended follow-through program or, if the company wishes, we can assist with follow-through for the company. Either way, you can be assured that principles lead to follow-through and follow-through to consistency.

We also offer a certification program so individuals within a company can implement our systems. Our company will be there as often as necessary to serve your best interests, maximizing your

These workshops can be offered to your vendors, key accounts, potential clients, and new or current employees. Workshops can be as short as thirty minutes or can last as long as five days. Most companies utilize a two-hour, four-hour, or full-day format.

Session Follow-Up

It is recommended that a strong follow-up plan be put in place with each workshop. The work can be done by the company, work teams, or Synergy. We have follow-up programs available that start at as low as $9.50 per person per month

Valuable Resources

Our workshops fall into three major areas:

1. People/Team Development
2. Systems Development
3. Life Assessment, Analysis, and Development

1. People/Team Development
People are a company’s greatest and most valuable resource. Workshops in this area are designed to help employees to understand themselves, co-workers, clients, and loved ones better. Whether a session focuses on time management, life balance, or life coaching, all sessions are designed to assist all team members to achieve their full potential, increase work productivity, and strengthen loyalty to the team.

2. Systems Development
What’s one of the best ways to maximize people’s full potential? Putting a system in place to complement their strengths and overcome their weaknesses is one major step. “People” costs are the most significant expense of almost any business. We aim to help offset these costs by implementing systems and tools to reduce human effort, maximize the return of the entire work people do, and produce consistent actions.

3. Life Assessment, Analysis, and Development
Have you ever felt your team wasn’t achieving its full potential? Just think about the success your team could see if everyone appreciated the strengths of everyone else on the team and knew how to work together more effectively. The personality (Mind2 – Mind Squared) workshops are designed to help build your team through the development of individual’s personalities into a blended, talented group of individuals who are all working toward the same vision, using their greatest strengths (but not allowing them to become weaknesses), and appreciating the strengths of other team members.

These sessions are also very powerful in the development of a rock-solid organizational culture of excellence in service to clients. Training is excellent for helping sales reps to understand prospects and clients, operations to understand and service clients, and sales and operations to understand one another better and work as a united force.

Associations & Chambers
Any workshop can be selected for training for an association, chamber, or other organization to bring benefit to membership. Your Action Workshop certified trainer will work with you to develop a unique program that will bring a great deal of value to members and prospective members. Excellent for annual or special quarterly events.

Bringing added value to clients, prospects, or professional referral sources
Most companies know the value of a great client, a “hot” prospect, or a key referral source. Action Workshops are a great way to build and expand each of these areas of business. Increase the benefit to you and your business by five times by making these powerful sessions available to those you value.

Investment Options
Please check with your ActionVision certified consultant for pricing options.

There are many types of seminars and a large number of qualified, powerful and exciting speakers who will do an amazing job with your event. In addition to all the following topics a favorite strategy is to provide all the attendees a white paper or a video to read / view prior to the event and then have the speaker drill deeper into the content presented and/or do fun exercises with the attendees.

People/Team Development

Professional Development Sessions

A. Business/life planning: 101
It is often said that people invest more time into planning their vacations than in planning their lives. Having a written business/life plan is a great concept, but it is very hard to implement. This workshop will provide individuals with the insight, direction, and tools to create a written life or business plan. By having a written plan, participants will accomplish more in less time, understand what they need to do tobe successful within a company, and achieve better balance in every area of their lives.

If a company chooses to use the ActionVision system to follow through on their plans, every individual will leave this workshop with a full planning system, and a comprehensive written plan will be developed for each employee based on the questionnaire he/she completes during the workshop. The Business and Life Stewardship X-Rays are additional tools that will help all levels of participants to understand themselves and those with whom they interact and to discover how they perform most effectively. These excellent tools can make a difference on your company’s bottom line.

Workshop code #: AW-a01

B. Time management that works
Time management workshops are very common, but how often do people actually take action 
on what they learn?  This workshop will help individuals understand that to really be successful in time management, we need to understand the motivations for each personality type and how to get systems to actually do the work for us. This powerful, life-changing business masteries session will also reveal to you the five “Freedom Fighters” for great time management and the seven systems that will change the way you do business and view your time. Included in this session is 12 months of follow-up from a professional coaching team on the two most important actions you will assign yourself as a result of this session.

Workshop code #: AW-a02


C. Business Masteries: 101 & 201
This power-packed learning session will focus on helping you to understand the science behind building your business. Learn how to determine the overall health of your business and what you can do to implement powerful turnkey systems that will grow your business even when you’re not working. Learn the importance of and the systematic approach to having systems that develop and nurture your prospects, create clients for life, and develop and nurture professional referral sources, which can be worth over $55,000 each. Learn how properly to use your in-person, phone, direct mail, and mass outreach in the most scientific, profitable manner. This workshop will change the way you look at doing business.

Workshop code #: AW-a03 / AW-a23

Personal Development Sessions

D. Maintaining life balance
People talk about having or creating a “balanced life,” but very few individuals understand what 
a balanced life is and how to maintain it. By using some very powerful personal analysis tools prior to taking this seminar, the participants will learn more about themselves and what they need to do every day to maintain a balanced life.

Workshop code #: AW-b01


E. 12 principles to Life Masteries
Companies will say they are looking for individuals who have strong values, a hard work 
ethic, and loyalty, but how much of an investment are companies making in building those characteristics in current employees? This Action Workshop will help individual team members see how important they are to the team and why their attitudes are so important to its overall health. This seminar will definitely help individuals improve their work performance. The information included in the session(s) guide participants to establish a new attitude and a fresh outlook that will help them in every area of their lives.

Workshop code #: AW-b02

 Leadership Development

F. Coaching individuals to success
Many individuals have never experienced the benefit of self-coaching and don’t know how to 
motivate themselves most effectively. Everyone likes to encourage others, and everyone likes to be encouraged. This session will provide individuals with valuable insight on how to coach people to success by helping individuals more fully understand what motivates them, their fellow team members, and their customers. It also will provide personal insight into how an individual likes to be coached.

Workshop code #: AW-c01

G. Values-based work
What are your company’s values? What values do you want each team member to have? This 
session can be simple, short sessions that will help people get started in the right direction, or it can be something a company implements on a monthly or quarterly basis. By understanding what the company values and what those within a company value, the team can work together more effectively to accomplish the company’s goals.

Workshop code #: AW-c02

H. Building winning teams
People are the most frequently untapped resource within a company. As a whole, what 
percentage of its potential does your team realize? Many executives will say that they have a “gut feeling” that their team reaches between 35% and 70% of its potential Understanding how to build a winning team is an important step in recognizing your team’s potential, and we’ll identify how team members can contribute to the team more effectively.

Workshop code #: AW-c03

Systems Development

Turnkey Systems – Back to Contents

I. Lead follow-up 101 (Turn-key prospecting system)
The average cost to generate a lead is $260. With proper systems, the average cost to follow up on that lead is around 59¢ per month. Most companies invest far too much money into developing leads and little to no money in developing a lead follow-up system. This workshop will help those in management and sales understand the importance of implementing a lead follow-up system and how to set it up, and we’ll introduce systems that do the work for companies and individuals.

Workshop code #: TK-c01


J. Lead generating 201
Does your business have sales cycles that look like a roller coaster? This session will focus on what natural laws are in place that causes the ups and downs of most sales cycles and what systems need to be implemented to prevent this from recurring. Learn how to generate additional leads from your past client base, from referral sources, from prospects, and yes, even from prospects that you lost to your competition. This session is so powerful that it can actually double or triple your income, reduce the numbers of hours you work, reduce your stress, and improve life balance. This workshop will show you how to take advantage of powerful systems to achieve your full potential.

Workshop code #: TK-c02

K. Professional referral sources – 101
How valuable is a professional referral source? An “A” referral source can refer at least four transactions to you each month, which can translate into $2,000 to $6,000 a month per referral source. If every “A” professional referral source is worth between $24,000 and $72,000 a year, can you afford not to have a system in place to maintain regular contact with them? This system can help you select referral sources to pursue, introduce you to potential referral sources, bring added value to their business, and help them increase their income and decrease the number of hours they work every week.

The Management, Business, and Effectiveness X-Rays all complement this session in a powerful new way. With tools, individuals will walk away from this workshop understanding the importance of developing their professional referral sources, what they say to them, and how they say it.

Workshop code #: TK-a01

L. Relationship marketing
Most marketing is designed to sell a product or service. Yet why do your clients do business with you?  Is it because of a product or service? Probably not; it’s probably because they have a relationship with you and trust you. This workshop will help participants see the importance of using marketing to develop deeper relationships with clients and prospects.

This workshop, used in conjunction with a turnkey relationship marketing system, will provide a specific twelve-month plan with specific actions and materials.

Workshop code #: TK-301

M. Database marketing
How powerful is your database? Are you looking for new and exciting ways to use your 
database? Are you getting the most from your database? This and many more exciting topics will be addressed in this powerful workshop, which will help you not only implement a powerful database system but also to use that system to grow your business even when you’re not working. We will delve into how to use one mailing system to contact all of your prospects, past clients, and professional referral sources while investing less than 5 minutes of your time each month. Learn how to tap into other professionals’ databases and how to use your database to maximize the benefit your receive from all your phone calls and in-person sales presentations.

Workshop code #: TK-302

Sales force database development
By having a turnkey relationship marketing system in place with a twelve-month written plan, 
a company or individual should get an average of 13% of their database to utilize their services annually. If an individual had 1,000 entries in a database, a 60% sales closing ratio, and a $1,100 return for each transaction, the right relationship marketing pieces would translate into an additional $85,800 per year. If a company had 10 sales reps at that level, that would produce an additional $858,000 per year. This workshop will help successful individuals more fully understand how to set up a turnkey database marketing system that will help them grow their business even when they are not working at it.

Workshop code #: TK-302b

N. Hiring/people development
How do you select the best employees and retain them? By understanding how important strong values, a good work ethic, and loyalty are to the team, leaders can become more proficient at selecting the right employees. Many companies strive to hire talented individuals, when in most situations they should hire individuals with great values and then help them become great in their positions.

If a company decides to use the Achievement Plus Profile along with any of the X-Rays, leadership will be trained to implement and develop turnkey hiring and retaining systems and tools.

Workshop code #: TK-e01

O. Working fewer hours by implementing sales systems
Are you earning your full potential? Does your income properly reflect how hard you work? If 
you’re like many other sales professionals, you could be earning 150% more income and still work fewer hours. Most great sales representatives are undisciplined at putting systems in place to do their work for them. This exciting workshop will help you understand how to implement powerful sales and marketing systems that will help your business grow even when you’re not working.

Special note: This session is extremely beneficial to account executives, managers, and owners who would like to assist the clients they work with and bring huge added value to those relationships. The session could also cover special tools that can be used to help attendees develop referral sources more quickly. In those sessions attendees also learn how to turn every professional referral source (Realtors, financial planners, builders, attorneys, etc.) into a money- making machine.

Workshop code #: TK-f01

P. Clients for Life – 201
Did you know that sales professionals and companies lose hundreds of thousands of dollars a 
year because they don’t have systems in place that give their clients the “warm belly rub?” This means they fail to employ the latest technology in computer automation as well as life  assessment and analysis to turn each client into a raving fan. Learn how the most successful companies and organizations create RAVING FANS, obtain more referrals from clients, and utilize turnkey systems that will change the way you do business.

Workshop code #: TK-g01

Q. Using Multimedia to Reproduce You – 101
“How can I get my business to make a profit without me?” This is the question business owners 
and sales professionals throughout the world have asked themselves. Many have asked the question, but few have found the answer. After 20 years of research, development, and testing, you will experience the thrill of learning the natural laws behind successfully transferring your natural skills, talents, personality, and experience into a media event that will rock your world and change the way you do business!

Workshop code #: TK-mvp01

R. Maximizing the CEQ (Client Expectation Questionnaire) – 201
How valuable are your prospects and clients? Is there a way to better handle your prospects to 
where you can double your income, reduce the number of hours you work, reduce your stress, and improve your life balance? If there ever was a tool that could help you do all the above the CEQ, Client Expectation Questionnaire can do that for you. It will do four things for your business: 1. Will help you convert more of your prospects to clients, 2. Will help to generate more referrals from your current prospects, 3. Will help to generate professional referral sources from your prospects, 4. Will help you to generate high quality leads for all your professional referral sources. This workshop along with the CEQ will change the way you do business forever!

Workshop code #: TK-r201

S. Obtain 30 leads on first in-person sales call – 201
Developing professional referral sources (anyone who has access to a large database) is one of the most powerful ways to build one’s business. This session is designed to teach someone how to use tools, systems, and powerful presentation skills to bring so much value and excitement to a professional referral source that it will generate more than 30 leads on your first in-person visit. This workshop is so powerful we’ve had individuals who have been able to generate over 270 leads on their first in-person visit with a new professional referral source!

Workshop code #: TK-s201

Life Assessment, Analysis, and Development

A. Introductory session


Have you ever felt that you were only achieving a small percentage of your full potential? Have you ever wondered why you perform so well at times but seem to miss opportunities at others? Do you ever wonder why you get along so well with some personalities but really clash with others?

This exciting introductory seminar will help you reach your maximum potential. Other key features of the workshop:

• Communicate to people in their own language.

• Use conflict to help improve relationships.

• Help your children to reach their potential.

• Teach people the way they learn.

• Build winning teams.

• Maximize key account selling.

• Reduce stress.

Why do people act the way they do? They frequently act and react in ways common to their core or secondary personality types, of which there are four. The introductory seminar is designed to give you an overview of each. What are these four basic personality types? What are the characteristics and traits common to each? What is your core type? What is your secondary type?

The introductory seminar answers these questions and more. The starting point is self-knowledge. You will identify your core and secondary types in this session. With this information, you will start to understand the reasons you act and react in different situations the way that you do. After the overview of all four types, the reasons others act and react as they do will become clear. You will start to identify the core and secondary types of your business associates, clients, friends and family members. As an added bonus, you will understand how to start to identify the core and secondary types of any new person you meet during your first meeting.

“Helpful in providing information to diffuse difficult situations.” –Fred Mrojek

“Excellent communication/relations builder.” –Anthony Sicikiane

“…Good variety of facts and fun. I would definitely recommend this seminar to others. [It was] easy to relate to all parts of my life.” –Leslye Mack

B. Reaching your maximum potential

Each of us has talents and abilities. Many of us go through life never utilizing our talents and abilities fully. In fact, very few people realize the full potential they were born with. What part do the personality types play here? In this session, you will understand the strengths and weaknesses common to each of the four personality types. You will also be asked to determine your individual strengths and weaknesses.

You will be given suggestions on steps to take to maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. In the process, you will learn the strengths and weaknesses of the people with whom you are interacting, and you will learn how to make the necessary adjustments to meet the needs of those people and the situation you’re in.

Session 2 highlights:

• Strengths and Weaknesses of each Personality Type

• Determination of your own strengths and weaknesses

• Suggestions on how to maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses

• Review of developmental areas

• Ideas on how to adjust yourself to the needs of each situation and the people with whom you’re interacting

Workshop code #: MS-B01

C. Learning why people do what they do

Have you ever been in a situation where you responded one way and someone else responded in another? Have you ever wondered what possessed a person to do what he or she has done?

Our response in most situations basically flows from our personality type and the way we have responded to similar situations in the past. We frequently do not measure how our response may impact the situation or how it may be perceived by others present.

In this session, you will learn how your core and secondary personality types trigger your thoughts, feelings and actions in different situations. You also will learn how to predict the responses of your clients, your associates at work, your management, your friends, your family, your children, and your spouse.

Session 3 highlights:

• Learn how our response to a current situation is triggered by our personality type and our response to similar    situations in the past.

• Realize the impact of your core and secondary personality types on your thoughts and feelings.

• Learn to predict the responses of others.

Workshop code #: MS-C01

D. Using conflict to improve relationships

Conflict seems to be everywhere around us–at work, in schools, in social situations, and even in our families. We often see conflict as inappropriate, an experience to be avoided. However, with the proper response, a negative situation can be turned into something of great value.

Each of the four personality types is motivated by two triggers–pain and pleasure. In this session, you will learn that each of the four types perceives pain and pleasure differently; what causes one pain can cause another pleasure. You will learn the common triggers for pleasure and pain for each of the four types. You will also understand the steps to take to resolve conflict with each person with whom you are dealing.

Session 4 highlights:

• The motivators of pain and pleasure

• The common triggers for pleasure and pain in each of the personality types

• Steps to take to resolve conflict with every other person

Workshop code #: MS-D01

E. Communicating to people in their own language

Have you ever said something that was totally misunderstood by the person to whom you were talking? Have you been in an argument and had no idea of where the other person was coming from? We have found that there are actually language patterns common to each of the four personality types. An understanding of them is integral in communicating with other people effectively. In this session, you will learn the language of each of the four types. You will learn the words to use, the concepts to focus on, and how to carry on a conversation that will connect with each person with whom you interact and enable you to understand them fully and to get your ideas across.

Session 5 highlights:

• The “unique” language of each of the personality types

• Connecting with others in their language

• Building trust

Workshop code #: MS-E01

F. Teaching people the way they learn

Life is a learning experience. Regardless of the action we take, we can never stop learning. As a matter of fact, we have to learn to grow. In the present information age, we can gain a significant edge over our competition by learning how we and others learn. Some learn by doing, others by hearing, and others by seeing. Some need a classroom atmosphere, while others learn more readily in a relaxed, casual atmosphere.

In this session, you will learn the learning styles of each of the four personality types. You will learn where and how you learn best, which will aid you to absorb information more rapidly in your future learning experiences. You will also learn how to identify how others learn. In the process, you will realize that when you share your ideas with others, it is a learning experience for both of you. You will learn more about their needs and how to present your ideas and needs to them more effectively.

Session 6 highlights:

• Learn the “unique” learning styles of each of the four personality types

• Understand your own learning style and how to maximize it in future learning experiences

• How to present your ideas in ways others learn

Workshop code #: MS-F01

G. How to build winning teams

Any great organization or team achieves its success because each person involved does what is required to the best of his or her ability. Great leaders have been successful because of their ability to identify the strengths of the people working with them and to mold them together to gain outstanding results from their combined efforts.

This session will show you how to mold the strengths and minimize the weaknesses of each of the four personality types to form strong teams. You will learn your natural role on any team. You will also be able to determine the natural roles of others by identifying their personality types. Whether at work, in social groups, or in your family, you will learn how to build strong teams. You will also be able to help your children in understanding the roles best fitted for them based on their core and secondary personality types.

Session 7 highlights:

• The natural roles of each of the four personality types on a team

• Your natural role on a team

• How to build strong teams

Workshop code #: MS-G01

H. Coaching/mentoring people to their potential

How can we be of assistance to others in reaching their potential? How can others help us?

On a regular basis, we interact with others. On many of these occasions, we have the opportunity to coach and mentor them and they have the opportunity to coach and mentor us. In this session, you will learn the strengths and weaknesses of each of the personality types. Steps for you to take to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each person you meet when you meet them will be explained. You will also learn the style of coaching that works best for each of the personality types. Suggestions will be given on how you can help those with whom you interact regularly (especially your loved ones, family members, and friends) to take the steps to reach their potential. A method of selecting a group of personal mentors to help you in reaching your own potential more quickly is an added bonus.

Session 8 highlights:

• Learn which types of motivation work best for each personality type

• How to coach others in reaching their potential

• How to select the most appropriate mentors for yourself

Workshop code #: MS-H01

I. Helping children reach their potential

Some studies indicate that by the time a child reaches the age of five or six, his or her core and secondary personality types are determined. The only modifications that occur after those ages are in response to the life situations the child encounters. Not many parents are aware of this. Furthermore, parents don’t realize the tremendous opportunity they have to make a positive impact on their children by working with them to maximize their strengths and to minimize their weaknesses.

In this seminar, you will learn how to identify the core and secondary personality types of your children. You will also learn each type’s natural strengths and weaknesses. You will be given ideas of positive motivators to use with each of the types. You will understand better how to motivate and encourage your children to succeed by using their natural talents. Not only will your parenting skills improve because of what you learn in this session, but you also will be equipping your children to handle life’s experiences more appropriately in adulthood.

Session 9 Highlights:

• How to identify the core and secondary personality types of each of your children

• Positive motivators for each of the four personality types

• How to motivate each child to use his or her natural talents to succeed

• Enhanced parenting skills

Workshop code #: MS-I01

J. Hiring and recruiting the right people

The success of a company is contingent on filling each available position with the right people. Even in large companies, the cost of placing people in positions not suited to them can be staggering.

How do you determine what strengths each of the positions in your organization requires? How do you quickly identify the strengths of each individual you are interviewing and match them to the strengths of the positions available? Can you identify the weaknesses of the individuals you hire and place them in positions where these will not have a negative impact on profits and where others can help to minimize those weaknesses?

In this session, you will be given specific methods to address each of these issues. You will understand how to determine the strengths and weaknesses of each person you’re interviewing. You will learn how to match each hire to an available position. You will also learn how to make an offer of employment in the desired candidate’s language so that the chances of acceptance will be increased significantly.

Session 10 Highlights:

• Determine the natural strengths required for each position in your company

• How to determine the natural strengths and weaknesses of each person being interviewed

• How to match the appropriate candidates to the positions available

• Offering employment in the candidate’s language

Workshop code #: MS-J01

K. Maximizing key account selling

Building relationships is critical when working with key accounts. Yet how frequently do you find that you’re just not connecting with the decision maker? At times do you sense that your words or actions may be causing negative feelings but can’t tell why?

In this session, you will learn that to be successful, you need to understand how others want to be treated, and you need to treat them in that manner. You will learn about “emotional bank accounts” and the cost of each negative statement. You will find out how to identify an individual’s “hot buttons,” his or her motivators and pain sources.

By learning and applying the principles from this session, you can increase your sales by 25% to 50%.

Session 11 Highlights:

• Identifying how others want to be treated

• “Emotional bank accounts” and their impacts on relationships

• How to identify a client’s hot buttons, motivators, and sources of pain

Workshop code #: MS-K01


L. Marketing to people based on their personalities

How are your services or products currently being marketed? Is your marketing successful with all people, or are you connecting only with a certain segment? If your current marketing is not connecting with as many people as possible, how many sales are you losing? In this session, you will learn how to use both the written word and graphic design to connect with all four personality types. Geometric psychology will be discussed. You will also learn how to connect with each client at a subconscious level by using words, phrases, and expressions in the manner they prefer. You will also learn how to use the specific language of each client in the proposals you generate to create a more positive image for your company and to increase your likelihood of success.

Session 12 Highlights:

• Using the written word and graphic design to connect with each personality type

• Increasing your success in sales by writing your proposals in each client’s language

Workshop code #: MS-L01


M. Improving interpersonal relationships

Are your closest relationships as deep and satisfying as you desire them to be? Would you like to improve them but really don’t know what first step to take? Do you frequently find yourself wondering what those closest to you want and expect from you? Have you ever wanted to clarify what you thought or how you felt about a matter but didn’t know how to do it?

In this session, you will learn how to identify the core and secondary personality types of those closest to you. You will understand their strengths and weaknesses. You will discover what causes them pain and what gives them pleasure. You will also learn about the way they think, what motivates them to act and react as they do, and how to communicate with them in their language. Give your loved ones the best gift you can give them: Use everything you learn in this session to treat them in the manner that they desire, and see how your relationships grow!

Session 13 Highlights:

• Identifying the core and secondary personality types of those closest to you

• Learning the reasons your loved ones think and respond as they do

• Learning to communicate in your loved ones’ language(s)

• Suggestions on how to deepen relationships

Workshop code #: MS-M01


N. Reducing stress in your life

Why is it that some people seem to cause you additional stress? Why do some things cause stress for certain people more than others? This session will help you identify specific techniques to reduce stress in your life based on your personality.

We have stress at work; with co-workers; and in relationships with children, siblings, parents, and friends. Most individuals look at stress as a negative experience. While negative stress does exist, most stress, if viewed and handled properly, is actually positive. This exciting workshop, through fun case studies and group activities, will help each participant understand how to turn stress into something positive that will motivate each and every individual toward his/her full potential.

Session 14 Highlights:

• How you can turn stress into a positive, which will help your career

• The tools and techniques you can learn to reduce stress in your personal life

• Learn what causes different personalities stress and how you can help those around you to reduce their stress, thereby   reducing the overall stress in your life

• Learn each personality’s “stress buttons” and how to prevent positive stress from becoming negative

Workshop code #: MS-N01


O. The executive development program

The program is designed to help upper-level managers and executives to apply to their organizations the full power of understanding personality styles. This is accomplished not through classroom learning but by involving everyone on the team in executive-level thinking through tools, techniques, and mastery of the executive mindset. It is recommended that sessions in this unit be done on a quarterly basis for one year for the executive and each person on his/her team.

Why do certain personality types succeed in certain environments and others fail? This session addresses the science behind coaching individuals to success. Learn about the systems, tools, training, and techniques an executive can use today to help team members achieve their full potential.

This ongoing series of workshops and training sessions is designed to assist executives and their team to move to the next level of success.

Session 15 Highlights:

• Allow the whole team to experience the mindset of a successful executive

• Learn how to apply that mindset on a daily basis

• Assist the whole team to understand the importance of believing that they are the presidents of their own companies

• Work as a team to create your own real-life case studies that will enforce what you learn in the sessions and apply it to   daily living

Workshop code #: MS-O01


P. Team/Culture development through personalities

For any team to achieve its full potential, those in leadership need to fine-tune their team coaching. Coaching an individual to success is one thing, but coaching a team has a whole different dynamic. What percentage of your team’s potential is currently being achieved? Are only a few people on the team doing 90% of the dollar-productive work? Are one or two people on the team drawing energy, excitement, and focus away from others? Do you have a team/company culture that instills and demands excellence within the team?

Help the team leader learn how to lead the team based on personalities, and teach the team the benefits of being coachable. Learning, application, interaction, and group activities are what makes this session really come alive on a day-to-day basis long after completion of the workshop.

Session 16 Highlights:

• Maximize profitability of the team by learning how personalities affect team dynamics

• Learn how to get the team to “coach itself” and accept the leadership and insight of executives

• Build a culture within the team that exudes confidence and demands excellence from each and every team member.

• Assist team members to learn the importance of everyone on the team and how to work together to maximize the natural skills and talents of all members

Workshop code #:MS-P01

Q. Reaching beyond your dreams and goals in all areas of your life

WOW, what a powerful session! Great for a keynote session!  This session goes through the 12 Principles to Life Masteries, incorporates life assessment, and excites participants. Participants will have fun, learn, and grow in a way that motivates, excites, and inspires each individual to take action.

This session will connect people in the audience in a unique way, show them how to guess someone’s personality within 15 seconds of meeting another person and create an atmosphere of learning, growing, and teamwork. Participants will walk away from this session with new insight into themselves, their loved ones, co-workers, and clients. People will talk about what they’ve learned for years to come.

Session 17 Highlights:

• Have fun as a group

• Group exercise that connects and creates a learning experience people will never forget

• Learn how to identify someone’s personality in 15 seconds

• Learn more about one’s self and those we connect with on a daily basis

• Learn the natural laws to life and how by properly applying those natural laws will help you to reach beyond your dreams and goals in all areas of life.

Workshop code #:MS-Q01

Z. Testing and certification

Synergy has designed the Action Workshops in such a way that a company or individual can become certified and bring these workshops to a company, organization, or client/prospect base. Through the use of videos, training, and classes, Synergy will assist you to become a dynamic, powerful, results- driven speaker with the ability to make a difference in thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of people’s lives all around the world.

Synergy can provide the awesome content and a multi-media, professionally polished presentation that will help you to knock the socks off of those to whom you present.


• Achieve your full potential by making a difference in many individuals’ lives

• Invest a little time consistently and become proficient in taking your business to the next level of success

• Save time and money and have a ton of fun by implementing proven principles that fulfill you financially, emotionally,   and personally

Workshop code #: MS-Z01


“Reaching Beyond Your Dreams And Goals In All Areas Of Your Life!”

Market got you down? Are you tired . . . needing a boost, a NEW idea, something to inspire you to greatness? Mark Boersma, international speaker and author along with two of his sons, ages 6 and 8 will motivate you, excite you, make you laugh, cry, and will inspire you with specific FUN strategies to change the way you do business forever. This event will be like nothing you’ve ever attended! Bring your whole team! Bring friends, family, partners, co-workers, and your referral partners and THEY WILL REFER YOU BUSINESS!

“Earn MORE MONEY and work LESS hours!”

The DREAM of every entrepreneur, sales professional, and investor is to get our businesses and investments to make a profit even when we’re not working. Mark Boersma, international speaker and author will motivate you, excite you, make you laugh, cry, and will inspire you with specific FUN strategies to help you get your business and investments to grow without you. This event will be like nothing you’ve ever attended and will help you to turn your DREAM into REALTY! Bring your whole team! Bring friends, family, partners, co-workers, and your referral partners and THEY WILL REFER YOU BUSINESS!

“Why some personalities EARN MORE than others, and HOW TO CHANGE!”

Have you ever wondered why some personalities seem to have great success than others? Have you ever wondered what about your personality might be holding you back? Mark Boersma, international speaker and author shares with you his experience, wisdom, and copyrighted 15 seconds to identifying someone’s personality. Mark has had professionals with their Masters and Doctorate degrees. in Psychology say “We’ve never seen anyone who can identify someone’s personality so quickly and help them better understand themselves and how to change so quickly.”

He will motivate you with stories of his marriage of 23 years and his 7 children. These real life stories will excite you, make you laugh, cry, and will inspire you with specific FUN strategies to help you get your business and investments to grow without you. This event will be like nothing you’ve ever attended and will help you “Reach beyond your dreams and goals in every area of your life! Bring your whole team! Bring friends, family, partners, co-workers, and your referral partners and THEY WILL REFER YOU BUSINESS!

“Becoming  a WORLD-CLASS speaker/executive coach”

Becoming a world-class speaker/executive coach is the dream of so many professionals . . . but so few, will ever achieve that dream. Why? It’s often NOT for a lack of passion, belief, or work, but a lack of understanding the Science Of Success and systems required to accomplish this. Mark Boersma, has developed a system to assist you accomplish more in two years than what took him over twenty years to accomplish. Mark is a international speaker and author and has developed systems/tools and coaching which will help to you to get your business to make a profit without you.

Mark has invested over 10 million dollars of his own time and money, over twenty years, to build systems and support professional speakers/executive coaches. Sign-up quickly to determine if you qualify to participate. Mark is so confident in these systems and tools that he is providing, for a limited time, a complimentary group coaching session for the first 24 professionals who register and meet the required guidelines. Call toll free 888.230.2300 ext 221 for additional details and e-mail your full contact information to service@synergysolutions.net along with the two major reasons you believe you should be chosen to participate. NOTE: At the end of the complimentary session Mark will be offering the first three, who complete the application for coaching, a chance to be personally coached directly by him.

Each of us has talents and abilities. Many of us go through life never utilizing our talents and abilities fully. In fact, very few people realize the full potential they were born with.

What part do the personality types play here?

In this session, you will understand, in seconds, the strengths and weaknesses common to each of the four personality types. You will also be asked to determine your individual strengths and weaknesses. You will be given suggestions on steps to take to maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. In the process, you will learn the strengths and weaknesses of the people with whom you are interacting, and you will learn how to make the necessary adjustments to meet the needs of those people and the situation you’re in. This is a FUN & PROFITABLE session you’ll want to invite others you know to attend with you.

“How to Get MORE Leads, BETTER Leads, and STRONGER Leads.”

What a great time to be in the industry! There are so many ways to get MORE Leads, BETTER Leads, and STRONGER Leads! This session will explore the natural laws to “The Science Of Success” and what turn key systems are needed to help you to get your business to make a profit without you. Learn the six steps to drilling business oil wells and how to take your business to the next level of success, earning more money while reducing the number of hours you work, reducing your stress, and improving your life balance. This is a session you’ll want to invite your referral partners to attend with you.

“Reaching Beyond Your Dreams And Goals In All Areas Of Your Life!”

Do you ever feel that you’re not reaching your full potential? Do fears, lack of confidence, or past experiences, hold you back from seeing success in all areas of your life? The Trio Of Speakers is about to change that forever. It is said that the fear of speaking is only second to the fear of death. If that’s the case then how does Mark Boersma, international speaker and author, father of seven children, get all seven of his children to speak publicly around the world? What magic, what mystery, what secrets, and what science does he have to share with you? Actually you’ll hear directly from his six and eight year old who will motivate and excite you, make you laugh, cry, and will inspire you with specific FUN strategies to change the way you do business forever. This event will be like nothing you’ve ever attended! Bring your whole team! Bring friends, family, partners, co-workers, and your referral partners and THEY WILL REFER YOU BUSINESS!

Bonus Session: How to make the women in your life happy! A must for every guy to hear!

• Earn more income

• Work less hours

• Have less stress

• Have greater life balance. . .through the implementation of powerful turn key systems