Team Assessments

Each of the following have an unlimited number of individuals who can complete the online survey/assessment. The report will be for up to 10 people. Each additional person included in the report would be $30 per person.

computergirlLevel 1 – Basic – $385 We would send you over a simple survey which would be done on-line by each team member. We would assess each individual’s personality, put together a report for you, and then do a simple 20 minute conference call/webinar to go over the findings and answer any questions which individuals may have.

Level 2 – Intermediate – $875 Would include a more advanced on line survey which would test for personalities as well as challenges the team members are facing. Includes a conference call and recorded 50 minute webinar which would cover in detail how the 4/16 personality types respond to key work factors, and how to better relate, connect, and work with personality types which are very different. Would look at specific challenges that team members are facing and how different personalities types would approach those challenges. Would explore the strengths and weaknesses for each personality type.

fourpeopleLevel 3 – Advanced – $1,895 The advanced online survey would test personalities, challenges each team member is facing, what they would love help with, how they believe they are doing, the team is doing, and leadership is doing in critical areas. We will produce a much more comprehensive report and meet with leadership, over the phone, about the findings.

At the leadership phone conference call we then determine what would be the best information to present to the team as a whole and customize the team presentation to drill into the areas leadership believes would bring the most value. We then meet with the entire team and present the findings of the personalities and other information/data from the survey. We cover so much in this session we can record both the conference call as well as the screen presentation.

Example Team Assessments

Request For Team Assessment

Another powerful aspect for team development is a leadership – team – personal assessment which gives us incite into how everyone, throughout our entire team, could perform at a higher level based on our personality and those around us. This assessment can be done for families, work teams, friends, clients, community groups or any other group of people who are or would like to connect.