coaching-2There is a wide variety of types of coaching. There is individual, one on one coaching, group coaching and mastermind sessions. Coaching can be limited to a single topic or could be a comprehensive short or long term business / organizational plan.

One of the powerful tools used for both individual and groups is ActionVision. ActionVision certified coaches are experienced in all areas of business, leadership and Personality Masteries. A full 12 month customized personal and/or team plan is engineered to the specific needs and goals for the individual and/or team.

The ActionVision system is so powerful that on average, individuals / groups who use the ActionVision system will see an increase in work productivity of 35% within 30 to 60 days. Over 95% of those who are invited to participate in the program will follow through and many individuals will set goals for increasing their income / profits by over 100%. To determine what type of coaching program might be best for your specific situation please complete a short three minute online questionnaire and you will be contacted for a complimentary 30 minute Strategy Session.