personallyWhen we better understand ourselves we better understand our life goals, what we are passionate about, why, what motivates us, why we are motivated, and why we do not do things we know we should be doing.

Our greatest strengths are our greatest weaknesses and our greatest weakness is just our greatest strength misapplied.  When we learn how to control our own energy or personality strength, we will see greater success in every area of life we value.

Different personalities also will view money in a different way as they also view success in life, career, relationships in different ways too.  Learning how we value things in life and how others will have different values helps us to have greater success in every area of life.

As a Team

teamBeing a part of a team obviously has stresses.  As a result of better understanding not only our own gifts – strengths and weaknesses, we’re able to understand the entire team and each individual on that team in a very different light.

This raised awareness provides a foundation for better teamwork, accomplishing more together, and deeper understanding, friendship, and greater working relationships.

Within Community

communityAs we better understand personalities we better understand the community as a whole as well as specific leaders within the community.  This helps us not only have better community relations but also helps us to navigate community relations, compensation, budgets, press, and having positive interactions with other groups in the community.