PCSWhat is usually the fastest way to double our income?  Normally . . . it’s to work twice as much but it’s easier to just double our sales closing ratio. If we double the number of leads we are converting out of 10, then we will double our income and reduce the number of hours we work.

Napoleon Hill shares in “Think and Grow Rich” that “Whatever the mind can Conceive and Believe, it can Achieve.”

Do you believe that?

Ask yourself . . . “What would my WOW – amazing – exciting income be over the next twelve months?”

When we allow ourselves to dream big dreams, that is the “conception” of the thought we now have.  Once we have a thought, our mind has conceived it.  The next step is to start believing in our dreams and goals.

The Prospect Conversion System is designed to assist you in building a system which will systematically take all of your prospects and turn them into clients.

We know that based on Natural Laws, like the Law a farmer uses: “If we plant the right seed, in the right way, at the right time, in the right place, we will probably obtain a great harvest.”

When we understand Natural Laws, like the farmer does when planting, we will convert more prospects into clients, convert them faster and convert them with less effort.

Do you believe in the power of systems?

To be consistent in the amount of sales we produce every month we need to be consistent in our efforts.  Have you found that human beings are often not consistent?

When we build a turnkey Prospect Conversion System we leverage technology and media, and reproduce our best practices on a consistent basis.  Think about it . . . what if every prospect we ever received was put in a system which would touch them, saying the right things, at the right time, and in the right way?

Can you see how that would increase your “prospects to clients” conversation rate, i.e. how much money you earn?

Can you hear what prospects would be saying when they got just the right message, at just the right time, delivered in just the right way?

What will you and those around you be feeling when you are converting more of your prospects into clients, doing it faster, with less effort, earning a lot more money and working less hours?

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