golfI like many Presidents of large companies love to golf and have invested in a lot of golf equipment to help improve my game over the years.  A number of years ago I decided that I probably should have a golf pro give me some pointers on my game.  After we had exchanged pleasantries he asked me to give him the club from my bag which I would never use because it never produced the results I wanted it to.

He dropped the golf ball, took that club that never seemed to work for me, and hit that ball so far, that it seemed like it went forever and was straight as an arrow.  He put the club back in the bag and then casually said “Well Tom, we know it’s not the clubs, don’t we?”

Get a pro to help you install and use the systems you will find in this document.  When you travel the world as I have and are exposed to all the things I have been exposed to, you think you’ve seen and experienced everything . . . until you see what you are able to see.

Trust the integrity of the system!

Tom Kunz
Past President of CENTURY 21 Real Estate, LLC